Training at Dronfield Medical Practice

Dronfield Medical Practice was approved as a training practice many years ago.  This training status requires us to show excellence across all aspects of the practice and we are proud to be developing this further.

The GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who have already spent a number of years working in hospitals.  Many of them are in the final months of their GP training and now need to gain further experience in General Practice.  They will often bring new skills and ideas having worked in areas such as Orthopaedics/Accident & Emergency/Medicine and Gynaecology.

The Registrars are always supervised by one of our existing GP's and they may even see patients jointly for more complex problems and can call upon their advice if ever needed.

The practice will be regularly assessed for its suitability for postgraduate training in general practice by the East Midlands Deanery.  This process includes an inspection of medical records for quality, NOT content.  If you object to your record being seen for this process then you must let the Practice Manager know in writing so these notes can be withdrawn.  An essential component of training in all medical practice is the use of video consultations and from time to time we may ask patients to help us with this valuable aspect of training.  This would of course only be done with your agreement.  All video recordings are strictly confidential and are used for teaching only.

We expect these developments will improve our services to you and enable an increased choice of doctors, reduced waiting times and help keep our existing GP's and nurses 'on their toes' with the regular influx of new doctors.

We also host medical students periodically and you may be asked if you mind if a medical student sits in with your consultation. Medical students are typically n the final years of study and may sometimes take a patient history from the patient before the consultation with the GP. whether you permit this, is of course completely your decision and whatever you decide will have no consequence on your care. We understand that some patients find coming to the GP very stressful and would prefer not to discuss their health matter in front of students, whilst others do not mind one bit. We will always support your decision.