Patient Participation Group

This PPG web page is maintained by its volunteer members

The Practice has an active PPG made up of volunteers from all walks of life.

The group are consulted regarding changes, and meet with the Practice Manager and other members of the practice, every few months.  Meetings may be in person or on line to further understand patient views and influence Practice decisions.

Any registered patient aged 16 years or over (or their carer) qualifies for membership.  The Practice/PPG reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership of any person who is abusive or violent towards any member of the Practice staff or fellow PPG member.New members under 50 and parents or carers of children under 21 will be particularly welcome as they are currently under represented. You do not have to be an internet or eMail user to become a member.

To help understand more about the role of the PPG, please read the PPG Chair 2021 Annual Review available here

Click on the 'Join our Patient Practice Group' link to join our PPG

Getting Your View

If you or someone you know cannot complete on line or downloaded forms, please provide your contact details to the Practice reception staff and the PPG will get in touch to complete a paper copy.

PPG members may on occasions be proactively contacted by the PPG Chair for their views on changes and information sharing. This may be via eMail, phone, post or at meetings depending on your use of technologies.

Practice Admin Note: Your name, gender and email (or phone number if no email available) will be shared with the Chair of the PPG for the purposes of communicating with you regarding PPG matters. Submission of Sign Up form forms a record of your agreement to this. Please note that we will not respond to any medical information or questions received through the completion of the form.

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

PPG’s are the coordinated voice of a practice’s patients. The practice consults with and listens to the views of the PPG in the development of the service it provides. The PPG also offers a platform through which patients can influence the way the NHS both develops and delivers services more widely. The PPG has an attending volunteer membership of up to 20 members and an unlimited eMembership (those who contribute via eMail). At the current time, because of COVID-19 related restrictions, all members are now effectively eMembers. Most meetings are likely to be held remotely via video technologies. To see our Terms of Reference, click here.

Do you have something you want share that might improve the practices’ services?

Ideally please share comments or suggestions directly with the practice using the practice comments and suggestions form - click here, or talk with any of the Practice team, including the Practice Manager. If however you feel that you would like some support in doing this or wish to raise something completely anonymously, please do contact the PPG who will support and advise you. Please use their dedicated email address -

Broader and more transparent patient representation

A trial will commence in February of an NHS funded and managed online platform where all Dronfield MP patients, whether PPG members or not, can have their say on proposed changes within the Practice.  It will also provide visibility of other patients views and the strength of support of such views.  This will allow the PPG to more confidently represent the views of a broader Practice population than is currently possible.